Nikki & JJ, Married 7/2012

"Finally found the one iv'e been looking for!"
After talking with a girlfriend and hearing about her online dating experiences I ended up giving the online dating a try, and I have to admit I didn't expect it to happen so quickly! JJ found me almost immediately, and from our first phone conversation I knew I would be with him long term. We had so much in common and could talk for hours. After weeks of talking on the phone we decided to meet, the conversation was effortless. I felt completely at ease and was very comfortable with him right from the beginning. JJ was a complete gentleman, which I was definitely not used to. He is also amazing with my 3 year old son, and my son loves him just as much as I do. It was on New Year's Eve, JJ wanted to take me ice skating. I had already hurt my knee earlier that day and I was not cooperating with him very well, but I ended up giving in and going even though I didn't feel up to it, and I ended up being glad that I did! While Ice Skating he took me in the middle of the rink (gave a kid his phone to video) and got down on one knee in front of everyone and asked me to Marry him. I was completely suprised, and a little in shock, but of course said yes! He is the absolute love of my life. I have always believed in "happily ever after" i just didn't think it would happen for me. There are really no words to describe how thankful I am to POF for connecting me to this wonderful man!!!! We are now planning a beautiful life together and could not be happier!