Sarahlee & Rodney, Married

"I loved him at hello!"
My name is Sarahlee Stefanini and after dating around from bar to bar or a blind date I had no luck. My friend said to try online dating so I gave it a shot I went on several dates from eHarmony and it always seemed like when I meet them there profile was not truthful. So I found POF and signed up and cancelled my eHarmony. Then I logged in found the site was easy to look around, view profiles and I felt that the site was better fit for me. I felt like you should know I really loved your site and always refer people. Now the story about LOVE. On December 11, 2011 I was on POF and landed on Rodney Reyna's page after he emailed me. He was everything I was looking for and more. That day he called me we talked on the phone for hours we had so much to say and there were not enough hours in the day. We went out to dinner that weekend and when we meet it was like we had known each other our whole life. I ended up spending the entire weekend with him and it was the greatest weekend I had ever had with someone. We said our good bye for the weekend and I returned home. The next day he called me showed up at my work with flowers and from then we have been inseparable. I have to say one week into it I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this man and he felt the same way. We introduced our kiddos the next weekend and they acted like they have been sisters since day one. It is so great that we found each other and if it were not for POF I would never have found the LOVE of MY LIFE!!! One month went by and he asked me to move in with him and I told him I thought we should wait, I was not sure how my daughter would feel. The next weekend he had cleaned out his spare bedroom made a bedroom for my daughter. He had painted it hot pink and with bedding and pillows just for her, (Another reason I LOVE HIM). I said yes at that moment we would move in so we packed up moved in. March 14th spring break week I was at home had been running all day with the kiddos doing shopping and some activities for spring break. I got the girls in bed and went to get into bed myself and he came into the room and said what are you doing. I told him nothing and that I was tired, he said awww I was hoping we could hang out I have not seen you all day. I said I always will stay up for you love and sure we could hang out anything you want to do. He walked out of the room came back in and got on one knee and said I was hoping we could hang out the rest of our lives opened the little black box and said will you marry me. With excitement of course I said yes. Well that's my story!!! This is the second marriage for both of us and we spend every day like it’s the first and last because we have learned that life is to short. I can't thank POF enough for helping me find the man that I was meant to spend the rest of my life with. OKOK its gets better remember earlier how I said that I always refer people well, my staff member was the baggiest man hater ever she was the divorced 2xs girl that said there is no such thing as love out there. I hate all men they are all the same, I got her on POF. After I meet Rodney she saw how happy I was and that he was a great guy. She was sitting at her desk one morning and I told her really she should sign up I would help her do a profile. So we set her up and 2 days later she meet a guy that she is now living with and happy has a whole new outlook on life and is in love as it comes. I expect them to be engaged soon also, she has moved in with him and things are great every day she comes to work and thanks me for introducing her to POF. Sincerely, Sarahlee Stefanini