JAY & KEN, Married 1/2012

Ken and i met on a saturday evening after a few short chats and a few emails back and forth. As he lived quite a distance from me and at a place id never heard of, plus i did not drive, i had suggested if he ever felt like driving to where i live id happily meet him?. From the moment i spoke some how i felt safe and i knew he was different. He arrived on the 8th January 2011. A huge smile and a gorgeous looking 6ft 6 guy pulled up outside my unit. Have to say...i was smitten on impact. We shared a few glasses of wine. We laughed and spoke all through the night. It was like id known him forever! And yes...he did stay over ;) Sunday arrived and the sun had disappeared but my heart was still smiling :) We decided to take a walk along the coast where i lived. And down came the rain...... By my supprise he turned his back into the biting rain, held me close in his arms and shielded my from one of the most stinging and powerful rainy days id seen in ages. That day i knew i was in love! We shared so many days after where it just felt right!? And on the 30th March my birthday, he knelt down on one knee and proposed. And of course i said yes!! We arranged the wedding almost a year to the day of meeting. A garden wedding. It was perfect! The whole day was magical :) The sun shone, nothing could have been more perfect! I have been married now 3 months and i can honestly say, when you know its right, you know its right!. My time on POF before i met my husband id say had been met mostly by good experiences. But then, i had decided quite some time back i would try and see the good, fun and positive side to every guy i met. And there are some great guys out there! But, i think it comes down to one thing in the end. And i truely believe the saying. He's just not into you, or your just not into him! So take heart guys and girls...Mr or Mrs right could seriously just be round the corner. Or you could meet them in the summer rain ;) Jay and Ken.