Beverly & Kurt, Married 5/2012

"Found Love with one month online"
Last year, I decided to go online for a short period, to find a few local men, for companionship and intellectual fodder. Well my fiance, also went online for the same time period. I started dating him and a few other guys. He rose to the top of the list and we have taken our time getting to know each other. He is a wonderful man, he is my kind of perfect, we enjoy a lot of the same interests, have a similar lifestyle and enjoy each other's company. He is my love, my friend and my companion. I look up to, and respect him immensely. We are working our way toward a deeply satisfying relationship. One day at a time and one moment at a time, is enough. He has my heart and I trust him with the rest of my life. Thanks, Beverly (Breos)