John & Sam, Married 8/2011

"The Shining Light"
After having a few failed relationships and lots of dates from POF I must admit I was starting to get a bit downhearted with the whole thing. Sam on the other hand had, had hundreds of communications and hadn't answered any! (so she Looking on my search page I did see her profile and had a look, and didn't thinks she'd be interested in me, but every time I looked at my searches she kept showing up, like her picture was backlit, my eye was always drawn to it, until eventually I thought 'what the hell' and sent her a message. I heard back almost straight away and from the first we got on like a house on fire. Although of course its easy on-line, then comes the dreaded first date when all your dreams are shattered hahaha. I went round and picked her up and we went to a seaside restaurant for a coffee and a bite to eat. She was gorgeous, and just a really nice person, stranger still she seemed to like me as well! Anyway we chatted, and although Sam was a bit shy it wasn't too bad. We went for a wander round town and ended up (finally) in a restaurant for dinner, where Sam went on incessantly about her ex husband. Sounds awful but it was obvious she just really needed to get it off her chest to someone. I was just pleased she thought she could tell me all about it so soon. She in turn seemed interested to hear about my previous marriage too. I took her home, leant across to kiss her goodnight and she'd ducked under my arm and out of the car and indoors in a flash, leaving me sitting there a bit stunned as I thought we'd had a nice time. I drove the 15 miles home, a bit dispondantly and wondered whether to just give up on the whole dating thing. I only went on-line with the intention of closing my account. "Hello you." flashed up as soon as I went on line. "I've been waiting for you to get home". She then went on to explain that she had run off as she was just really shy. She apologised and said she wished she hadn't now. Me? I was just over the moon she was still interested! Anyway, we dated a bit more, then a few weeks later she had to go into hospital for quite a major operation and was pretty ill for several weeks afterwards. I persuaded her to come and stay with me while she convalesced and she never went home! And the rest, as they say, is history!! She stayed at her daughter's for a week the following year, I missed her so much that when she came home I thought it was about time that I proposed. She accepted and we had a wonderful wedding in the local church a few months later with a reception on a paddle steamer on the Norfolk Broads. It was a perfect day and despite many trials in a short space of time (we've had 5 deaths in our immediate families in the past 2 years for instance) I think I can safely say we've fallen more deeply in love with every passing day. So for all of you who don't think it will happen for you, my only advice would be, don't give up. I never thought I'd ever be this happy. My only disappointment is that I didn't meet her 30 years ago. I love you Sammy xxxxx