Kevin & Diana, Married 7/2012

"God's Gift to me"
I have been trying online daiting for 7 plus years, I have tried plenty of the sites and Plenty of Fish was by far the best site I used and it was completely free. I was real tired of the whole online dating. I was told by many I was to honest in my profile, too religious, too short oh and I was raising my grand children and alot of women told me they respected what I was doing but did not want to get involved because I had kids in my life. So I had prayed about it and decided to delete my profile This was on a Monday night so I go and log in to delete my profile and I saw that Diana had viewed my profile, I was smitten and said hello to her and then decided to hide my profile, well I found out she just created her profile that day, She responded to me and I back to her. We had our first date on Friday and I feel for her the minute she walked out of the coffee shop. We have been together since I proposed to her in October and we will be getting married in July. She is the women I dreamed of since I started dating, she says I am who she has been dreaming of her whole life too. I am amazed at God and His timing in this whole thing, he told me more then 5 years ago to wait on Him, for what He had for me was better then anything I could ever imagine. Well Diana is all that and more we have been getting along so well we have never had a bad day yet, I owe all this to my Lord and Savior and to Plenty of Fish for the website really did bring me my princess.