Amber & Jason, Married

Jason and I met on pof looking for someone we could each spend the rest of our lives with, thinking we more than likely wouldn't. When I first messaged him, I didn't think he would bother with me, but boy was I wrong. We started out sending messages and then texting and talking. We finally met on May 10th and fell in love almost immediately. Of course they are ups and downs but we have learned to be up front and honest about every little detail about ourselves...Our love is constantly growing and growing. Jason proposed on valentine's day while I was at work which was very embarrassing but extremely sweet. I know some may think corny but i've always had bad valentine's days and he wanted to make one at least special...We are now engaged and getting married in October of 2012...expect love in the most of unusual of places and people, I never thought we would make it this far and am glad I took a chance on him.