Erica & Andrew, Married 5/2012

We had both never tried online dating, but our friends had strongly suggested that we go for it. So we figured why not? Andrew was actually the first person I went on a date with through Plenty of Fish. Who knows how many girls he saw before me? ;) Initially, I wasn't sure about meeting him because of our 8 year age gap. But he seemed young at heart and was so hilarious on his emails. I find a funny guy to be very sexy. When I met him, I disapproved of his late arrival (which I would soon find out is so typical of him!) But he was so endearing and cute! Our gross humor seemed on par with each other's. And did I mention that he is so funny? We ended up seeing each other exclusively after a wonderful trip to Mexico, where Andrew shared his favorite place in the world...Riviera Maya. Yes, it was romantic. Yes, it was beautiful. But what made it fun and always enjoyable was Andrew and the way he makes me laugh. And I was touched that he wanted me to experience the love he has for that place. It was also interesting that Andrew's headline for his profile included his search for an ideal travel partner. I also have a passion for traveling and culture. Since we started dating, not only have we traveled to Mexico, but we have visited Cape Cod, Georgia, Mississippi, California, Uruguay, Argentina, Patagonia, Brazil, and Bonaire. A lot of our trips included friends, and that is something I really appreciate about him. He gets along so great with them, which is important because my friends mean the world to me. Now we are back in Mexico planning our wedding! We had taken a second trip here, where he proposed. And we will be making it official with friends and family on Cinco de Mayo!