Marilyn & LYLE, Married 12/2011

I actually saw Lyle on POF over a year ago but didn't read his profile until Oct. 1, 2011. He sounded great and met all my qualifications. I contacted him. He lives in Bangor (over an hour away), but we decided to meet. He treated me to dinner in Belfast and then we went to a Contra Dance (like square dancing) and had a ball. We've seen each other almost everyday since and know that God has brought us together. Lyle asked me to marry him on his knees at a dance in front of everyone! I accepted and now we are getting married on December 17th! We couldn't be a better match! I love everything about him and he feels the same toward me. We have been tremendously blessed. So... "hang in there" the right mate could be just around the corner!