Aisha & Leo, Married 1/2013

I met Leo on POF around June 2010. We chatted and I could tell he was different from all the other guys I've met. When we talked, I felt I already knew him and I felt so comfortable around him. However I noticed he lived in Edmonton. That was an issue to me. But he promised me he will find a way to meet up with me. Well I already had a problem with guys before who lived in a different city so, I humored myself to just let it happen. On August 9th, he texted me if he came down, we could have our first date. I thought he was joking, but wanted to meet him. So I agreed. 3 hours later, we met up at Tim Hortons infront of my house. We were both nervous, but we tried to keep our cool. Later we went to Laser tag, and I beat him. Than later went to bubble tea and Calaway Park. During the whole time in Calaway Park I kept calling him a different name, but he corrected me. Every Friday, of each week Leo came down from Edmonton to have our dates. He kept doing that until April of 2011. April he transitioned to live to Calgary with me. We loved one another, and what was so great about Leo, is that he never changed, he always made me feel like I'm his queen. He adopted my dog, Bella. And my family adores him, same as my friends. We adopted another dog, Maz and that was the start of our family growing together. On September 9 2011, our 1st year anniversary, he asked me to marry him. Now we are getting married in Jan 27, 2013. I never knew I would meet someone amazing from POF, and now I've met my prince charming. So you will meet someone on here, just be patient. You need to find those frogs until you meet the one. And that ONE person, is so worth it. Because I thought I would never meet one, just jerks. But I am, even still surprised I met someone so great. Thank you POF, for letting me find my Husband.