Michael & Ellen, Married

Had a wonderful 32 year long marriage that was 30 years of bliss followed by two years of sheer misery where death became a release from suffering. After a year of mourning I had a coming out celebration that consisted of alternating between cruises and dating very nice ladies I met on J Date.--almost met Ellen there two years sooner. Last summer I gave p.o.f. a try. Experience taught me that the way to respond to the e-mail from P.O.F. that said Ellen was interested in me was to ask her if that message came directly from her, or was computer generated. We met at a kosher deli in her neighborhood (Ben's) and discovered we had a past. Ellen had been my daughter's Sunday school teacher 25 years ago, and all the grownup children in my congregation remembered her and all had the same response:"She was so nice." So being nice 25 years ago is Ellen's secret to success. Mine is that I am a most happy very lucky fella.