Kathleen & William, Married 9/2010

Bill and I started chatting on POF and after about a month became very interested in meeting. We met at a very romantic local spot overlooking the entire High Desert. After dinner we sat on the patio watching the breathtaking view of the sunset and the lights of the city. It didn't take long to fall in love with this man. We dated for 4-5 months, knowing that we would someday marry. Then a strange thing happened. Because of undisclosed circumstances, we decided to break it off. Brokenhearted, I began dating again. After a year I came in contact with Bill again. As we talked, he explained why the break-up was necessary at that time. As everything became clear, we knew that we were still in love with each other. We began dating again and planned to marry, some day some time, somewhere. Little did I know that he was secretly planning a public proposal and wedding at the very place where we met for the first time. Without my knowledge, he had a preacher, cake, champagne, flowers,(even rings!), waiting. As we both sat in with the "jam" band (as we normally did), I sang then he sang 3 songs to me, then proposed! I jumped up and said "yes!", at which time he said, "Right now!" and the preacher came forward. All of our friends and relatives began coming out of their hiding places. It was the most incredible event of my life! We've just celebrated our 1yr anniversary on Sept 29, 2011.