Fatima & Tim, Married

Tim & I first began to exchange communication via POF in Oct of 2009. We met for the first time on Dec 5th 2009. Because I was traveling for the holiday's we didn't have our official date until early January 2010. From our first date we've been inseperable. It's amazing how much Tim & I have in common; from our childhood to adulthood, from our morals to our work ethic. We are truly best friends & soulmates. Our families get along great and our mutual friends have welcomed us with open arms. Tim and I have recently talked about getting married but the expenses of a wedding are a bit overwhelming for us and quite honestly a bit discouraging :( We are saving in hopes for accomplishing our dream soon enough so we can start a family of our own. If there is any way POF can help us it would be great! In exchange we would be happy to share our story with your press :) From the bottom of Tim & my heart we thank you dearly!