Vanessa & Theodore, Married

Ted emailed me a message on here asking how my day went. At first I didn't answer him but he kept on writing me. He seemed genuine and I gave him my phone number. We spoke and as we talked I was telling him how wonderful sunrise was at Lake Arcadia. I love photography so told him how I love to take pictures of the sunrise. He asked if he could pick me up and we could go take pictures at the lake on Saturday morning. He picked me up at 6am and we sat and talked for hours. We spent the whole day together and went to church on Sunday together. He moved in with me on Monday and we are getting married next May 19th. I have my dress and ring already!! I have met his family in Alabama and my family love him!! Who would have thought we could be so perfect together? I want to thank you for having POF and for finding the right person for me. I tell everyone where we met and they don't believe me at first. I refer unmarried people all the time to your site. I tried all the others and only found scammers. Not on here though...I found love!!! Thanks so much Ted and Nessa