Katherine & Jerad, Married 6/2011

I messaged Jerad around the beginning of november 2010. I was freshly out of a long term relationship and was not expecting anything, especially once we started messaging each other and he knew that. However, we continued talking and soon exchanged phone numbers. We called each other a few times and then decided to meet up for dinner one night when I would be in town. We met at his work and he had his son with him, but that was ok. We talked for a long time before actually deciding to eat. Then the snow storm rolled in. I was reaally concerned about going home so he invited me over to his home to ait for the storm to pass. We talked and wathced movies most of the night and then went to bed since the snow was not letting up anytime soon. I fell asleep with him holding me and never felt like wanting to move. After that night we were never apart from each other. In january we talked about the possibilities of marriage and decided we would wait 2 years. We talked with our church pastor one sunday about being married at the chuch and we told him when and he asked us " If you want to be married, then why wait?" We thought about it and then decided he was probably right and we went to the court and were legally married on February 4th, 2011. That wasnt enough for wither of us though because our families and firends were not there so we had a more formal wedding on June 22, 2o11. I do not regret my decision to join this site and I want to sat thank you for allowing people like me to find someone we can be happy with and love.