MaryLinda & Darryl, Married 8/2011

Wow , we just wanted to thank you and your sight for giving us the tools we needed to find that person we were looking for to spend the rest of our lives together . We met on Plenty of fish , Well really truth be told I found him . we dated for 4 months . One night we went out to dinner and he ordered stake and lobster dinners for us both . The night only got better .It was a great dinner Later that night this gentle giant came to one knee , and spoke to me from his heart ...... He asked me to marry him , so i said yes !!!!!! We got married August 27,2011 Life is sweet , life is good , I have never felt so happy , so content , so loved ! So ...Don't give up your love is out there , you just need to be honest on your evaluation , and with your self and you will find your Mr. or Mrs RIGHT We did ! Thanks Darryl Rowe & MaryLinda Garcia ( Rowe ) P.S.Enjoy the pics.