Jennifer & Michael, Married 7/2012

Mike and I met in November of 2008. We started out slowly with dates once a week but by the holidays we were seeing each other a lot more. We got along great and accepted each other for exactly who we are. He loves me even when I'm cranky because I am hungry and I love that he he despises spiders. I realized I wanted him around all the time. I wanted to come home to him and wake up to him. I asked him to move in by that summer. Moving in together was the best thing we could have done. We live together well and have built a strong relationship. We have fun together, travel, hang out with friends and even our families get along. In June of 2011 while vacationing in St. Kitts, we got engaged! We've set a date for July of 2012. We love each other unconditionally and truly are a pefect match. We're so grateful to have met one another.