Natalie & Richard, Married

Well in 2009/2010 i was unlucky in love and could never meet the right guy so i joined this site and after a few unlucky turns on the site I was getting fed up and thought it wasnt going to work so on the day i thought ill just have one last check and then delete the account, this was when my partner popped up on the "you might like these" part. So His picture caught my eye instantly and i thought id just have a look, so i did and then thought one last chance i guess and messaged him. The next day he had messaged me back and we started talking we met eachother in person a week after the first message (after the first attempt cause his car broke down) and we hit it off straight away after a slow and steady start he moved in while he completed his Univirsity Degree after then we never looked back, He asked me to marry him on the 26th March 2011 and we have planned the wedding for October 2011 and everything is going smoothly we now live in Birmingham we have 2 cats and are hoping to hear the patter of tiny feet in the next year or so. I have to give Plently of Fish an Amazingly Big thank you because if it wasnt for this site i wouldnt of met the man of his dreams, and never ever give up just be patient and it will happen eventually.