, Engaged June 2011

In November of 2010, I opened with a note of "Hello." I was struck by her smile and I wanted to tell her so. I wanted to know if the person behind that beautiful smile was as beautiful on the inside. She was kind enough to reply, and thus marked the beginning of daily e-mails to each other. The more we talked, the more we shared. The more we shared, the more we found we have in common with each other. Soon, we graduated to e-mail where we could send and receive more than one message a day, or at least be no longer restricted to a few hours in the evenings. We began to have entire conversations in e-mail exchanges, so it was necessary to graduate to chat sessions. This went on for three months until we decided that it was time to meet. We were both a bit hesitant because we were both afraid of losing the wonderful friendship we'd formed. We planned to meet the last Friday in February, but when her sister made a surprise visit from Florida, I suggested that we postpone a week. She told me that I'd just won points with her sister. A week later, we decide to meet in a bookstore café in a local mall. I arrived at the mall and so intent on meeting her that I didn't notice anyone on my way in... except for one woman who was sitting on a bench outside the café and texting someone. "I hope she looks like her," I thought. Moments later, I receive a text message: "When do you think you will be here?" Was the lady on the bench her? I had to find out. I returned to the bench, but she was gone. I sat down and composed a reply: "I'm already here." As I hit "Send," I looked across into the café. It was HER! I walked into the café and our eyes met for the first time. My first thought was "My God, and she's BEAUTIFUL, too!!" There was the smile... the one I'd though so beautiful all those months ago! After three months of conversation and getting to know each other, all I wanted to do now was to hug her! My arms went out and she reciprocated. We held each other like old friends who haven't seen each other in years! She felt so right in my arms... like she'd always been there and always will be. I knew at that moment... and maybe a little before... that I loved her. Our first date that night consisted of walking the length of the mall, checking out something called a "Sugar Bear," dinner at Cracker Barrel, Frappuccinos at Starbuck's, and endless conversation. At the end of the date, I took her back to her car. I wondered if she had enjoyed my company as much as I'd enjoyed hers. As I turned to her to say goodnight, she kissed me. At the moment of that first kiss between us, I knew I would someday marry her. It would take me a month and a half to admit to her that I loved her. It took her a little longer to admit that to me. We've learned since then, however, that it was basically love at first sight. Both of us have come from broken relationships, and neither of us wanted to be hurt again. We've approached our relationship with the idea that we both know how bad "bad" can get. We both also understand that communication and honesty are the keys to a successful relationship and keeping it together. She is everything I've ever wanted in a woman and nothing I don't want. Being each other's soul mates doesn't hurt, either! :-) We plan to be married next spring. We live far enough apart that it's not likely that we would have otherwise met. We have PlentyOfFish.com to thank for bringing us together.