Brandon & Ashley, Married

My name is Brandon, and I live in Tacoma, WA. I met my fiance Ashley on POF around the middle of March, 2011, after a couple of weeks of messaging each other. She made the first move, after using the "Meet Me" feature. We hit things off right from the start, and realized we might have made a real catch. We are both mischievious pranksters at heart, so with our first date being on April Fool's day there was bound to be some fun. I messaged Ashley that morning and told her that my car wouldn't start (it really wouldn't, I swear!). Later that day after work, I got it working again, but messaged her again saying that it wouldn't start....she said ok, sounding disappointed. I waited 5 minutes, then told her the joke. We laughed about it later that evening once we met at a cozy local bar. But she didn't let that be the end of it. She coerced a couple of friends of hers to walk in the bar, pretending they didn't know her, and ask everyone if someone there happened to drive a blue subaru (yep, that's my car). When I asked them what was up, they said that another car had ran into it and completely trashed it! Needless to say, I almost had a heart attack right there on the spot. Ashley let me run in a panic all the way outside before she told me it was all a joke! So she trumped my April Fool's prank hard, and gave us a great memory for our first date. We will never forget it. We have been together almost 4 months, and are already engaged! If it wasn't for this amazing online experience, I would have missed out on the girl of my dreams. We both are always telling our single friends and family our story and how we met, and that everyone who is looking for the right person to give POF a try.