Steve & Samantha, Married 7/2011

I spent several months on Plenty of Fish, including going to meet ups, where I met some really nice people, and I went on a few dates with people (p.s. girls out there - if you're not interested in someone, please do the polite thing and tell them, rather than just cutting off contact!). Eventually though, Sam messaged me, and we got talking. She seemed fun, and even though I wasn't looking for anything too serious at that point, we got on well. At one point, I broke things off, but we met up and talked about things (during a lovely day in Chester), and she made me realise I was just scared of being in a relationship again (the last one had ended badly). We got to know each other more and more, and found we have similar senses of humour, and like quite a few of the same things, though it's my lasting regret that Sam isn't really interested in Sci-fi! She eventually proposed to me (make a note, girls - it can work better that way round!), and we're going to be married in about a week's time. I love her.