Georgia & John, Married

John and I met through POF. I received my first email from him on Sept 8, 2010. Well, let me back up a moment. On Sept 5 I logged in to delete my account. I was not finding what I was looking for and suddenly, I really didn't know what I was looking for anymore. I'd gotten very tired of the one line emails that said, "You're hot" from people who obviously hadn't taken the time to read my profile. Then, I got sidetracked and never deleted it. The next day, Sept. 6th I went to the Nascar race. I didn't log back into POF until Sept. 8. That's when I noticed I had an email. It was sent on Sept. 6... from John. I almost didn't get to meet him. It was a nice long email that showed he had actually took the time to read my profile. We began to converse over the next week. We met in person on Sept. 15 by having a picnic at the park. We already knew we clicked from chatting online but it was even more apparent in person. We really haven't been apart since that day. On March 10, 2011 I proposed to him. I am 70% deaf and used my sign language skills to propose. I turned on the song by John Berry, "Will You Marry Me" and I signed the lyrics to him while it played. I was so nervous. I now understand the fear that guys feel at the possibility of rejection. I was shaking so bad that I must of looked like a deaf person with Parkinson's disease and it made my sign language stutter. At the end of the song, I got down on one knee, with a diamond ring in my hand for him. After grinning in shocked for several minutes, he finally said, "Yes, baby, I will marry you." So my advice to women, don't give up. Be patient because there is that one person for each of us. My advice to guys, actually read what the girl writes and respond as such. One line emails will get you no where.