LuAnn & Julian, Married 9/2011

I was on POF for about 4 yrs. I talked to roughly 50-80 guys, and met about six men before finding my soulmate. I was beginning to think I would never find "the one" and nearly gave up, but because POF is a free sight, I figured I would just leave my profile on, but stopped actively searching. My mate said he sent about 30 emails out within 3 days of joining POF and I was the first person of interest to respond. Our first phone conversation was 5 hours long. He was so open and honest that I knew I could get to know him very quickly. My biggest concern was the distance between us. (We lived 80 miles apart.) He assured me that 80 miles was not too far to travel when you find someone with whom you really click. He also offered to relocate if necessary. Within the first month he introduced me to his mother and his best friends. (Definately a good sign that he had nothing to hide.) We are obviously both big believers in POF and appreciate the role it played in our search for love.