Peter & Sandra, Married

Well, I contacted Sandra, not really expecting she'd be all that interested but we had a few things in common so I felt led to do it anyway. We shared a few messages and developed an interest in meeting. I was home from Iraq for a couple of weeks and we had some difficulties getting together at first, leading me to wonder if this was meant to be or not. We managed to meet for lunch and it was really nice. When we met for the first time and I saw this bright, shining face, I was so taken, she was absolutely stunning and I was blown away. I wondered, in that brief second, what I had done. If we hit if off, I'd be so frustrated because I knew I had to leave again for Iraq. Regardless, I played it cool, determined to just have a little fun with a gorgeous girl and take a bit of fun from the stares of envious men. My situation left so little time to get very acquainted but we seemed to gel so nicely. I felt a bit frustrated that there was little I could do to see her again because I had to go back overseas. We kept in touch via email, me not expecting she would maintain an interest as someone so fine would have a lack of dating opportunities. Well, the mutual attraction was definitely there, and stronger than I expected and things took off from there. We shared a lot via email and occasional phone calls. We quickly felt drawn to see each other as soon as possible. We got the chance sooner than expected when I got an opportunity to change companies and get an impromptu trip home in December of '09. We met for what seemed like the first time all over again, only this time we knew so much about each other. I couldn't come home from Iraq for another year and a half but during that time we kept in daily contact and spent every vacation together. The fact that we were able to maintain this long distance relationship for so long spoke to me as Sandra being the one for me. She is absolutely beautiful, intelligent, fun loving, and so much more. She is the oasis in my long journey through the desert, quite literally. Love ya Plenty of Fish and thanks for playing such a fun and significant role in finding true love. Pete