Melissa & Matthew, Married

I have been on the site for 2.5 years aproximately. I went on a few dates, with no luck until...... On June 7, 2010 one day after my 36 birthday, Matt found me online under the marrage section on Plenty of Fish (POF). He loved my profile so emailed me. I responded, and then we chatted a few times. Later I gave him my number to call me. We chatted once and arranged a date for June 16, 2010. I assumed it would be a quick drink/meet at Jack Astors which turned into a 2 hour date I didn't want to leave but had plans so had to go. I liked him so much I invited him for the weekend to my cousins cottage for the weekend. So two days later he picked me up and we went to the cottage with a bunch of friends as a casual friends weekend just getting to know each other. We had a few dates the next week and then we went camping together the next weekend with some of my friends. On June 26 Matt asked me to be his girlfriend. I accepted. Matt asked me to move in with him, which happend mid October 2010. On Tuesday April 5, 2011 Matt came to my work to have lunch with me and proposed to me at the 360 Restaurant at the CN Tower! As I work at the CN Tower, I was not expecting it at all it was a huge surprise and I of course said YES! Our marriage is planned for July 2012. We would like to thank Plenty of Fish for providing a free way of bringing people together and helping us find each other. We owe our happiness to you and your site. Thank you so much! Matt and Melissa