Kymberly & Devin, Married 5/2011

Both frustrated with finding love, and thinking it would never come...We found eachother in just the nick of time! It was as if it was ment to be, and written in the stars! Our story starts with both of us frustrated with online dating, and not finding any good matches. We both were at the point of deleting our accounts. At that last moment however, Devin saw a photo of me...and decided to give it chance! At that time we lived 3 1/2 hours apart, and I was a little aprehensive about even starting communication with someone that lived so far away. I e-mailed him back with all the information I could give him. We comunicated via e-mail for a while, then exchanged phone numbers. We met online in Sept '09, and met eachother face to face on Oct 11, 2009. Our first meeting was love at first site for both of us. We had an amazing first date, and when it was time for Devin to leave I cried. He left and I immediatly went to my mother and told her he was "The One!" We are now engaged and to be married in 1 month. Life has been wonderful and full of love for both of us! We thank you Plenty of Fish for giving us the chance to connect and find true love!