Valerie & Mac, Married 2/2011

I knew immediately after reading Mac's profile that he was special and possibly the man for me. (I knew he had a heart and was loving and caring just by the profile. I saw flashing lights and whistles)At the time I didn't know about your chemistry rating. Well pof rated us at a 93% compatibility. (Mac said he welcomed the 7% diversity because it would be like looking at a mirror image of himself. We are both firstborns and initially worried if that would be a problem. It wasn't.) We both knew by the 4th date that we had the same core values and were elated when Mac printed out our 93% match. We lived 12 miles apart and would never have met. Neither of us go to bars. Lets be real. How do people over 60 meet? We may be seniors but very active. We are going to Europe in May it is our belated honeymoon. We were married in February. Mac had dated a few women from pof prior to me. Mac was the only man that I dated. Mac's idea of a first date was breakfast which was great and not intimidating. He was looking for a dance partner and I wanted to learn how to dance. Needless to say we have been taking dance lessons for more than 18 months. I wanted someone who had been married at least 30 years because I believed they would be stable and on a more serious level. I thought we would be compatible. I had been divorced 6 years(after almost 30 yrs of marriage). Mac's wife died in 2006. So neither of us was rushing into anything. We started dating and were inseparable. This was a fit from the start. We have been attending Mass together since our fourth date (same religion) I don't think it gets better than that. Thanks again pof. I didn't have my glasses on so I couldn't see if I submitted a picture of us smiling. It was a thumbnail. If you want a better picture just send an email.