misty & Jonathan, Married 7/2010

I was tired of bad relationships so I decided to try this online thing and get to know someone before meeting them. I noticed that Jonathan had looked at my profile and I like his picture, so I decided to message him. That was on July 26th 2009. He was in Kuwait, waiting to go to Afgahnistan for 8 months. I felt an immediate connection. We spent 9 hrs messaging each other that first day. After that we kept in touch every day and eventually had decided to wait for each other. We waited 8 months, then he flew at to utah to see me. We spent 2 months together then he had to leave. We couldn't handle being away from each other so he asked me to marry him. I said yes :) he came back to utah in July and we got married 1 year after we had met, on July 26th 2010. A week later I moved to Spain with him (where he is stationed in the navy) I have never felt more in love. I found my soul mate, my best friend, my other half. Thanks to this wesite, I found the love of my life, thank you POF