Chanel & Brandon, Married

I was the new girl in town, looking to meet new people, not just to date. I went on many POF dates, some were good, some were nightmares but only one date was great. We exchanged one or two messages on POF and were already chatting on MSN. Our first chat went on for 3 HOURS! that's never happened to either of us; we just couldn't part and the conversation was easy and free flowing. So we definitely set our first date, that was set for just a few days later. And that was it, when we met, we both just knew. All the cheesy signs were there,from butterflies to sparks flying. It was love at first sight. We had an amazing first date. It didn't matter what we did, it was all about the wonderful chemistry and good energy. Thank you Plenty of Fish, it wouldn't have happened without you!!