Bryson & Carlos, Married 4/2013

Soooo I had almost given up on love. Well, almost given up on the idea that true gentlemen still existed and that I would actually find one with the same goals as I had. So a friend had tried POF and had a great boyfriend at the time, so she convinced me to try it. That night, I made a profile, filled out all the questionnaires, and clicked “done” all while feeling not really optimistic. A few minutes later, I see a photo on the side of my screen flashing with a picture of a super cute guy that said “less than 5 miles away”. I clicked on his photo and started to read about his goals and interests. Immediately I was intrigued so I took the risk and sent him a private message. Within minutes he responded and we began chatting that night. We must have typed back and forth 3-4 hours that night and all I could do was sit in front of my laptop smiling. He definitely had the same sense of humor as me and there was just something there from the very first few minutes of conversation. We decided we would meet up the next evening at a local restaurant, St James Place, and see how we hit it off in person. The next night, I anxiously got ready and made my way down to the restaurant. When I parked and got out, I saw a super cute dark and handsome man walking out of the restaurant with a rose and he was coming straight towards me. What was shocking is that I knew it was him, but he looked totally different than his photo—but he wasn’t a catfish! He looked even BETTER than his photo. His profile picture did him no justice because as soon as I saw him in person, I knew this was going to be my husband. The night went by way too quick and when I drove myself home that evening, I remember just being overcome with this incredible feeling that I had met the man I would spend my life with and have children with. There’s a lot that goes in between that night and where we are today, but to condense the story—we have never spent a day apart from each other since that first night we met. We have been married now for 5 years and we have 2 little girls and are now expecting our 3rd surprise in Nov. POF literally paved the way to the life I always envisioned myself having. Online dating sites aren’t just filled with people looking for random hookups, you can find someone with the same goals and desires as you if you just take the risk and try it out. We tell everyone our POF story and we aren’t embarrassed about it at all! Had I not made that profile on that one particular night, my entire future would be different now. I love my husband and I love our life and I’m forever grateful we both found this site that linked us together!