, Married 12/2018

I never was one to believe in love at first sight, but wow. From the moment we stepped out of our cars there was an instant spark for both of us. We hugged and it felt immediately a sense of home. We had talked for a few days via the app and really only got the bare min of details so all during top golf we asked a million questions just really diving into the big stuff about our divorces and why it didn’t work and what we were looking for and since both coming from divorce we new we weren’t here to play around. We both wanted something real. We decided to continue the date to wolfies for some crawfish where he claims he fell in love with me ever more seeing me dive into the crawfish. (He’s from Louisiana so that was impressive) from there we went to Molly’s and talked the night away. The moment he kissed me the world truly stopped. It was then we both were in love and a week later he told me so. We both admitted then we could have told each other we loved each other the first night. When you know you know. Especially after all we had been through. You cut through the crap and find your best friend and the love of your life. 9 months later we were married. Best decision ever made was saying yes to that man that messaged me on the dating site :)