, Married 9/2018

We were both divorced from bad marriages and were looking to try again. Some how even though I had my settings set for within 50 miles and he had his set within 25 miles, it matched us. We really hit it off and it wasn’t until we wanted to set up our first date that we realized we lived 200 miles apart! We thought maybe it was fate and decided to drive and meet half way to meet each other. We met at a mall on the beach and walked and talked and laughed and ate and spent 10 hours just getting to know each other. When I got home that night I wrote an email to myself saying I had found “my one” so that one day I could prove to him that I knew from that first date. He was so perfect and funny and I knew I wanted to be with him no matter how far apart we were. Well long story short he must have liked me too cause he moved here 2 weeks later. Now I’m the drama teacher at the local high school and he’s the wrestling coach. He proposed to me on stage during the school’s talent show and now I’m happily married to my best friend. I know realistically there is no way we would have ever met but thanks to POF I have found my real life fairy tale!!!