, Married 3/2019

I didn’t respond to all of the messages I got on POF. Not to be mean or conceited, but I got ALOT! It was impossible to respond to all. I would open them and respond to the ones with witty salutations or great conversation. But other than that I would just move on to the next one. I got a lot of “hey how are you?”s Then I get a message from a guy who had messaged me once before. His new message said he was sorry for messaging me so late (2AM) and how that must have looked.... I thought it was so sweet. Any guy I knew would never even begin to think that could be offensive. I replied back and we immediately hit it off. I started staying the night every night at his place a few weeks in and we decided to get our own place just a couple months later. We have been together 3 years and are getting married in 6 months!! I never would have thought I would find my soul mate online, but I did! Thank you POF for giving me my forever!