Bridgette & Benjamin, Married 4/2016

So we started talking about a week before 4th of July in 2014. All a complete accident. There were 2 guys that had messaged me and I was going to message back the other. Ben has kids and I had dated someone with kids before and just didn't want to deal with the drama surrounding that again. I accidentally messaged Ben, turned out to be the greatest thing ever. My family and friends have a 4th of July tradition of going to the Boat House Restaurant in Kenosha and then walking over to the beach for fireworks and he had asked if I wanted to hang out. I told him of our tradition and told him if he was up for it he was more than welcome to come but that he would be meeting my mother, siblings and some friends. I didn't tell any of my family that I was bringing him so naturally I got hauled off to the bathroom and yelled at as I got there. I told my mother, if he couldn't handle our crazy insane family and friends there was no reason for him to stick around. HE FIT IN PERFECTLY. EVERYONE LOVED HIM! February 20 2015 he caught me completely off guard and proposed and we were married April 23, 2016.