carolina & Eric, Married

Our is not one out of a love story book, but its our story.. December 4th he messaged me...We were complete opposites, he was a mid western corn loving, hunting, handy , green eyed 6 ' 1 white boy and I was a city girl, name brand wearing, only child, 4'10 Colombian. We hit if off right away and went back and forth for about 2 weeks really talking, texting, getting to know each other.. we were both single parents and were tired of the playing games, and meeting the "wrong ones" we took it slow... our first date was at Ruby Tuesdays followed by a stroll through my favorite place.. WALMART! December 20th we realized we really wanted to see where this might go, it felt like we had known eachother forever... and sure enough 9 months later here we are.. engaged. planning a wedding and spending forever together!