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Não com Atlético tipo físico
Sacramento, California
61 year old Mulher, 163cm, Não religiosa
Branca/Caucasiana, Gêmeos
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Sobre Mim
I scan PoF for pictures of men who are outside.

I am certainly not wealthy but financially secure enough (so far!) and quite happy being single. I do not enjoy or buy extravagant material possessions bought to impress others. It would be nice, though, to have someone to share my life with besides my amazing Border Collie. I have been on PoF a couple of years and met some very nice men (no horror stories) but finding a man over 50 who is still physically active (and emotionally available) is hard!!! When is the last time you broke a sweat outside of a gym? (Okay - or in bed. I guess that had to be said.)

I'd rather sleep in my truck by the river or on the ground under the open sky; five star hotels don't impress me. Not really into business suits or aftershave – the honest smell of a man can be intoxicating by itself. I do my chores during the week so I can be (and am) gone most weekends. I think snakes are beautiful, and spiders should be scooped up, gently placed outside, and invited not to come back. On the other hand, I also enjoy opera, ballroom dancing, ballet, comedy clubs, fine dining, weird street fairs, live theatre, and large gatherings of old hippies. But my first love always has been and always will be away from cement, street lights, and asphalt. I don't work out on a regular basis just to stay to say I do; I'd rather let my lifestyle keep me in shape naturally. However, I often push my bike uphill now and I can't stop on roller blades to save my life but the idea is to get out there and have fun. I am hoping to find the same in a partner with some gray hair and a garage full of non-motorized, well-used, outdoor equipment who has a long history (and is quite comfortable) in the wilderness and the city. I don't need someone to take care of me but at the end of the day, it would be nice to find someone to sit beside me to enjoy the sunset. Someday I will move somewhere where I can hear birds outside my door 24/7 instead of traffic.

Ideally, you love to push all boundaries, be spontaneous, and do ATYPICAL things. (Golf, motorcycles, long walks on the beach, televised sports, classic cars, candle-lit dinners, visiting grandchildren, and long drives are NOT atypical.) Curious and well-read, you can pretty much talk about whatever comes up. You express your deepest thoughts and emotions carefully without getting defensive, even though they may embarrass you or hurt me, and you listen to mine with care and empathy without wanting to get a knife out of the kitchen drawer. You love to laugh, and laugh easily, but not at the expense of others who may have less than you. You prefer to be monogamous because you know that, if we are very lucky and we work at it, it will lead to a deep, lasting, and mutually satisfying passion that only gets better and better and better with time. You respect women as equals and are not angry with them. You want a partner, not arm candy.

PLEASE - If you like motorcycles or ride one, don't contact me. Motorcycles are one of two deal breakers for me; the other is, of course, cigarettes. I have owned and ridden two motorcycles myself. Been there, done with that. Why get involved with someone who may end up a as a vegetable - if he is lucky? And if we can't share any ACTIVE sports, it won't work either. Watching sports on TV is not an active sport, nor is watching you fish, play golf, basketball, or baseball - it's me being bored watching you have fun. Maybe you reached out to me because I look like an interesting and fun person but I want a partner to share experiences with, not just follow around, and I am willing to wait. I would rather be alone than with the wrong person. After all, I have do have my amazing Border Collie, and she skis, snowshoes, hikes, backpacks, and kayaks right along with me. On top of that, she is always joyously happy and listens quite well. However, she doesn't have much to say in return and I haven't quite figured out how to take her out to dinner, a play, or out of the country with me.

Just curious... Why do so many men include pictures of their car?

Puxando conversa (ex. o que você gostaria de fazer num primeiro encontro...)
I can hardly think of anything more stressful than sitting across from a stranger trying to come up with something interesting or witty to say. I prefer to do something active like take a walk, hike, or thumb wrestle. If we click, maybe we could replace the roof on my house.

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