ceciliasf: How About Coffee or Tea Somewhere?
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San francisco, California
52 year old Mulher, 163cm, Outra
Asiática, Leão
ceciliasf buscando um relacionamento sério.
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nonprofit consultant

Procurando Homem Para Namoro
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First, I am a transgender girl who longer has her original plumbing. If you are not open minded enough, then please move to another profile.

If you are only interested in something short term, please be clear in your message and that will save both of us. If you are still interested then...

My friends would say that I spend too much time on activism and not enough time on myself. In order to change some of these bad habits, I have decided to put myself back in the dating scene.

I'm funny, intelligent, attractive and I'm an undercover introvert. Volunteerism and human rights are my passions. I'm a hopeless romantic at heart and still believe in soul mate and true love.

I'm a crazy girl from Hong Kong who's been living on the left coast for over two decades. Sometimes it's difficult to explain what's on my mind because I am doing my best to leave it blank and clutter-free.

Currently, I am not in any serious relationship and am ready for the next adventure to invite me in. Not sure if I need a Prince Charming since I've kissed enough toads but am willing to give love another chance, any suitors?

If you are someone who is funny( but not twisted), is confident( but not egotistical), is sophisticated (but not complicated), is intelligent, articulate (OR SCRATCH ALL THAT - If you are just someone who is simple, down to earth) and financially stable; you may be the one that I'm looking for. I am occasionally in the spotlight and hopefully you can be comfortable with that. In addition, good looks, public display of affection and love to cuddle will be a big plus. Still interested? Then what are you waiting for?

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A tea lounge, a coffee shop or something real creative. I'll let you decide ;)

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