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Sacramento, California
33 year old Mulher, 157cm, Nova Era
Branca/Caucasiana, Áries
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Massage Therapist

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My hobbies include DANCING, first and foremost. I am into Lindy hop, West Coast Swing, BLues, Charleston and Balboa). The Vintage culture is something that means a lot to me. Old time music, old time values, old time fun.

Other random hobbies include harmonica (I have no skill or talent but I try), theatre, silversmithing and jewelry making, kayaking, food, DIY, and paranormal investigating.

I am bilingual, fun, educated, and culturally exposed, hence, I know how to use my untensils at the dinner table properly. I read a lot, mostly self-help and non-fiction, and not afraid to get dirty and break a sweat. I may be bold, but I am petrified of singing. I can't get myself to do karaoke just yet.

I am a business owner. I run a Massage Therapy Practice in Midtown Sacramento. No, there are NO happy endings. I always get teased for my profession. Thats just a disclaimer.

Things I am horrible at:
being linear...... I am a hot mess, and a tad clumsy, and I am definitely from 'Venus'.
I don't take time to relax until someone tells me to, otherwise, I am always working on something. I can't do laundry without my timer, because I'll forget about it. I can't make scrambled eggs the way I like it, but my tortellini and artichoke 'anti-antipasto' is killer.

What I am good at is making others smile, feel good, and providing loyalty and sincerity.

I LOVE people who love to love life. First and foremost I cannot date someone who isn't grateful for EVERY DAY.

I am looking for someone who will always make me want to be better. Someone who brings music to my life, who will join me in laughter and gratitude for life. I hate to sound superficial, but I can't compromise on this: before you contact me, please be advised I only date men with their own vehicle (preferably not stolen) and who have their act together.

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I definitely like the traditional date attitude as well as being surprised by unique activities and going to unique places which includes trying new unique places to eat. I am pretty open to ideas. however, I am a lady all the way, and I wish to be treated as such, in all the right ways.

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