schooleybob: the unexamined life is not worth living
Não com Normal tipo físico
Edgewater, Florida
30 year old Mulher, 175cm, Não religiosa
Branca/Caucasiana, Gêmeos
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I put this at the front in hopes it'll be read. If you are a racist... move along. Now...continuing...

Are you tall, dark, handsome and rich? No? Me either... something in common already. (Except, I am tall for a woman)

lover of all animals and have a few. If you're allergic to cats dogs or horses, turn back now :-) I have trained horses most of my life, both personally and professionally, and continue to do so here in FL.

I am definitely a nerd and I take pride in it. Love math, science, puzzles, strategy games-basically anything that makes you think. have an incredibly inappropriate sense of humor that can be entertaining if you can handle it. Low maintenance kind of girl raised as a tomboy that's happiest being outside. Tend to swear like a sailor in the right environment. If this offends you... I don't effin care ;)

Hoping to find an intelligent, ambitious, smart-ass, adventurous partner in crime to be in-cahoots with. if you cant handle your own baggage... spare me please, have goals, have dreams-be working towards them, be loving, be adventurous.

Anyways, that's a cliff notes version. Anything beyond that is only a message away...

if the only thing you can bring yourself to say is "hey" or "what's up" in a first message to me... you are not likely my type, nor would I be impressed by your reading abilities :)

Not really sure what I'm looking for, taking it as it comes. On my experience, you tent to find what you were looking for the moment you stop looking for it. Not after fwb or hookups.

Puxando conversa (ex. o que você gostaria de fazer num primeiro encontro...)
First "date" should really just be a meet and greet to find answers like... are you fit for a strait jacket or a stalker, are your pics WAY misleading....etc

The second time out or the continuation of the first, when you know if you like each other should be something non-traditional that you both can have fun with, where you can be comfortable in each other's presence and live it up! Bar trivia, car show, painting with a twist, comedy club, concert, trip to amusement park. I'm down :)

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