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Baltimore, Maryland
43 year old Mulher, 160cm, Cristã - outra
Branca/Caucasiana, Leão
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I'm not sure about this fishing thing but I guess I'll give it a whirl, why not...

I'm very happy with my career and I have great friends and family who are always there for me (and vice versa). I love to laugh, life is way too short to be serious all of the time. I enjoy being active. Working out is my favorite stress reliever. I also enjoy traveling - anything from a night away to a long and relaxing vacation. I enjoy going to a baseball game now and then but football is my true love. I am outgoing and I can be a little feisty at times. I'm going to speak my mind but I'm also willing to hear all sides of the argument.

I wouldn't say I have a "type" however, I am most attracted to a professional type of guy who is confident (but not arrogant), and has a great sense of humor. Sarcasm is fine but wit wins me over. I love a guy who knows what he wants but still has a big heart and loves to make others happy. I am looking for someone will help me come up with new things to try and then head home to cuddle on the couch. I am from the south but I'm definitely a city girl now. I may not live in the city forever but I can't imagine venturing much further out than a nearby 'burb. If your idea of the perfect lifestyle is a rural cabin in the woods, I'm not that girl.

There is much more to me than this profile so if you think you we might hit it off send me a message. Let's see if there is a spark, and if not hopefully we each have a new friend.

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First date or first "meeting"? With this online deal though I consider the first "meeting" to be an opportunity to grab a drink and see if there is enough chemistry to make it to the first date. I think a great date is anything that allows for some fun and conversation. Checking out a fun new place for a bite to eat is usually a safe bet.

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