Lookin4GoodCompany: Walk?Eat?Enjoy the Arts?
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Sobre Mim
I'm a soft and loving person, compassionate and like to hear about others' lives and experiences. It would be wonderful to find that special someone for a long term relationship. Establishing a friendship first and taking time to really get to know one another is the path I've learned is best to take. Chemistry is important, but by itself - generally not enough.

Movies & Music: I enjoy action movies and fine arts films most, although I'm a succor for any great movie/story regardless of genre. Favorite kinds of music are old Rock, R&B, Celtic, Native American Flute and some classical (prefer certain composers).

Some things I'd like to do with you: walking in a pleasant setting - it could be urban or out in nature, chatting over a nice meal (I like many different cuisines and trying new ones!), going to local film festivals, reading an artist's biography and then going to see an exhibit of their work, checking "San Francisco on the Cheap" and discovering unique, fun stuff to try locally - including live music.

One of my best qualities (I think) is that I'm peaceful and accepting when friends/family/colleagues ask for my advice and then do something other than what I encouraged them to do. I trust each person makes the best decision they are able to at the time and it's good to talk things over and get different perspectives regardless of what one ultimately decides to do.

Puxando conversa (ex. o que você gostaria de fazer num primeiro encontro...)
I'm open to suggestions, but if I have to come up with an idea:

We choose an arts activity we are both excited about checking out. It could be an action movie, talk by an author we like, local film festival, dance performance, etc. Admission price should be modest so that if it's terrible, it was still worth taking a chance and having an adventure. After the event we go for coffee/tea and discuss how interesting/not interesting/great/mediocre/disappointing it was. If that discussion is fun, maybe we'll want to talk about other things and have to set up another fun thing to try together so we can talk more!