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San francisco, California
48 year old Mulher, 173cm, Não religiosa
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Interior Design

December 2012

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Sobre Kimberly
It all starts with fun, laughter and a connection.

Big Picture:
I want to be with a partner that I can look at and be his biggest fan. Since I have a knack for finding the positive in people and am in the right place on my journey... I whole heartedly believe this is not only doable... but, inevitable. Mutual Love, respect and admiration...

Ultimately you are my best friend and confidant... We have each other's back. My eyes light up when you walk in the room. We share the good and the not so good about our days. We go out, do our thing, come back & meet in the middle. We Cook, Laugh & Explore together... just Live... I am not about surviving. I am about experiencing life and I would like our lives to keep expanding as we grow closer to each other. We talk - Communication is key...


I am social. I have an entrepreneurial spirit. I adore my friends... I live in the moment… and laugh easily… I kind of go with the flow. I like to have a plan, but feel most comfortable when I am able to deviate when necessary. Quiet is as important as the parties... Variety is key.

You will never be bored. I am quick, intuitive and smart. Not in an engineer... I love scrabble kind of way... More in an emotionally intelligent, educated by life, and paying attention kind of way... I have several degrees -- they only add to the rest of the package.

Sensual... but selective. Touching and being tactile are important to me. I love to touch and connect with my partner. I love the unspoken communication. This takes time... I am reluctant to be too close too quickly. However, it is Very important in a connected relationship.


I want to find my partner in crime that I can take anywhere and do just about anything with... Someone comfortable with who he is... Appreciates me as I am... I want a best friend.. I want to be solid as ourselves and grow together as one. Variety... Moments of connecting, adventure and normality... that is what I want... Someone comfortable with all of it... and functions in life from a place of gratitude and not fear...

Sometimes I just want to be soft and vulnerable. I want a partner that is strong enough to stand beside me so that I can be vulnerable with him and he with me.

***Did I mention that I am fun... Live in the moment... laugh easily... am a bit irreverent and have a mischievous streak?*** The laughing... there has to be a lot of laughing...

Some Preferences:
Ocean over mountains
Wine over beer
Red over white
BB over camping
A variety of activities over joining a club
Dogs over cats
Coffee over tea
Lemon over chocolate
Doing over watching
Wandering over structure
Empathy over indifference
Quality over quantity
Value People over "stuff"
Park over Zoo
Music over television
Live theatre over movie theater
Movie Theater over a DVD
Farmer’s market over frozen food isle
Sunday paper over People magazine
Sunday morning cuddling over early morning outings.

Along this path I have narrowed down a few things that I truly need in a partner:
* Must Love the water... Being on, around or near the water is an important part of my life.
* Ability to be emotionally intimate
* Have a strong sense of integrity.
* Drive & desire to have a life that keeps getting better.
* Sensuality, touch & intimacy is Very important.
* Desire and are ready for that exceptional connected relationship with mutual love, respect & admiration.

Puxando conversa (ex. o que você gostaria de fazer num primeiro encontro...)
I prefer a couple of emails and then a phone call first. I have found that by the phone call we can tell if we have enough in common to meet in person.

The biggest gift that people can give is their time. I respect yours.

After that... I am open.... I am up for almost anything....

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