avviva: Santa Cruz natural woman seeks partner
Não com Normal tipo físico
Santa cruz, California
62 year old Mulher, 157cm, Não religiosa
Branca/Caucasiana, Áries
avviva em busca de um relacionamento.
Social Worker / Program Coordinator

Procurando Homem Para Relacionamento Sério
Necessidades Incompleto Química Incompleto
Você bebe? Não Quer ter filhos? Indeciso/Talvez
Estado Civil Divorciado(a) Usa drogas? Não
Cor de Cabelo Misto Cor dos Olhos Mel
Tem carro? Sim Tem filhos? Todos os meus filhos são maiores de 18 anos
Relacionamento Mais Longo Mais de 6 anos
Bicho de Estimação Não tenho  

Sobre Mim
I am vivacious, honest, communicative, egalitarian, adventurous; I love hiking, camping, kayaking, traveling locally and abroad, learning new things, attending cultural events, enjoying friendships and a primary intimate relationship.

57-year-old woman loves the outdoors, world, folk, singer-songwriter and classical music, community activities, free-form dancing, intimate conversations, kisses, travel, progressive politics, laughter, reading, Scrabble, tie-dye, natural dyes and other crafts. Wonderful grown son out of town and visits. I have recently done social work, library work, and interviewing work. Yo hablo espanol et je parle un peu de francais, and play recorder, sing and play some guitar; I hike most weekends, and do some fiber arts and nature photography. (I had two shows at local spots.) I am a non-smoker, no drugs or alcohol, and vegetarian since 14.

I value kindness, honesty, playfulness, lifelong learning, balance of joy and peace, and addressing challenges as needed...I have many good friends, and an active life. I would like a partner to share with, communicate well with and love deeply....I relish time in natural beauty, time with friends, time with you??? Snorkeling vacations in tropical places as well as local camping trips are ways I love to get out of town.

I am ready for a compatible, harmonious, relationship with someone who embraces intimacy, affection, commitment and love.

Seeking: Kind, health-oriented, fun-loving person with some similar interests and some different ones! Nonsmoker, no drugs/alcohol (or very little, occasional.) You are naturally monogamous, egalitarian, sharing thoughts and feelings, gentle yet strong, interested in people, learning and play. You value knowing someone well, mutual loyalty, adventures within stability of partnership; you prefer to live together after a while.

You are someone who knows himself well and has a zest for life and curiosity about the world and people; a good communicator with plenty of joy, friends and interests to share. You are mostly healthy, flexible, and happy. Musician, traveler, activist, parent, vegetarian a plus.You and I are ready to treasure a partner and create a great relationship! Thanks.

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