justjennys: Not Prince Charming? I'll settle for Superman.
Ocasionalmente com Normal tipo físico
Monterey, California
40 year old Mulher, 173cm, Não religiosa
Branca/Caucasiana, Capricórnio
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Romântico(a) incorrigível

Procurando Homem Para Namoro
Necessidades Incompleto Química Incompleto
Você bebe? Socialmente Quer ter filhos? Indeciso/Talvez
Estado Civil Solteiro(a) Usa drogas? Não
Cor de Cabelo Loiro Cor dos Olhos Mel
Tem carro? Sim Tem filhos? Não
Relacionamento Mais Longo Mais de 5 anos Você é ambicioso(a)? Tenho ambição.
Bicho de Estimação Não tenho  

Sobre Mim
I am a pretty social person, but I also appreciate my time alone. I enjoy traveling, being spontaneous, watching football, baseball, camping and going to concerts, I love music! I'm easy going, I am comfortable wearing jeans, a hoodie and a pair of converse, but will dress up when the time is right, however, I refuse to wear anything with a brand name. I'm a thrifty shopper, no need for Prada or Coach, etc. Blah.

I don't go tanning, waxing or get manicures.
I love my grandma's pickled green tomatoes.
My favorite movie is Love and Sex, it's a comedy, seriously.
I can't decide which food I like better, Thai, Mexican or Italian
Yes, I love Disneyland. I'd go there over Hawaii any day.
I don't like Metalllica, Tool or Kanye West...or anything that sounds remotely close to any of them.
My favorite band is Blue October. I've been to approximately 30 shows. Nope, not a groupie.
The best meteor shower I have ever seen was in Big Sur, better than fireworks.
I like to sleep. I don't get enough. If it weren't for work, I'd sleep until 10am almost everyday.
I just ran my first half marathon in November, I don't have any desire to try a full marathon.
My parents taught me to say please and thank you, it's not that difficult to ask the same from anyone.

I am a grammar and spelling nerd, I cannot take anyone seriously that sends me a message "how r u" or " ur cute". That just leads me to believe you are either highly uneducated or really lazy.

I am extremely turned off by men that take "selfies", especially in the driver car seat or standing in front of the bathroom mirror topless. Please. You're only making me laugh...at you.

I won't be offended if I'm not your cup of tea, you may not be mine either.

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