VivaLaKillian: Broken crayons still color.
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Burnsville, Minnesota
24 year old Mulher, 175cm, Não religiosa
Branca/Caucasiana, Leão
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Customer Care

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Sobre Mim
My names Killian. I live in Burnsville and grew up in the cities. I love traveling, Irish whiskey, and animal print. I like all kinds of music but I'm usually jamming rock, metal, or rap. I love to go out and experience new things, as well as the things I know I love doing. Take me on adventures. Chinese food may be my kryptonite. Camping and bonfires rock my socks, but I don't do it as often as I would like. The cabin is what I look forward to all year!

If you can tell me whether Barry Manilow knows you raid his wardrobe or not, I might fall for you right there.

Make me laugh, and I'll make you groan at my lame jokes.

Still waiting to be all tatted up.

I work for a company in the customer care section. Looking to move forward in life. Hopefully getting back into school eventually, but life is an open book still.

If you like what you see, I'm pretty sure you know what to do.