Sweethonesty04: don't make my brown eyes blue
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Hi there,

Thank u for stopping by. I will try again giving myself a chance here. I hope to meet someone to be my best friend and a soulmate.

I hope to find a genuine loving man to share life as a couple with no game playing who likes to retire anywhere in the world. :)) I'm an honest loving and dedicated with all my heart.

I like to meet a man that knows how to be almost perfect gentleman, like a man to pursue his sincere affection n following old traditions. I love to be pampered n i will do the same once i know i can trust u n ur sincere with ur intentions dating for marriage. i want an honest, kind generous and fun loving matured (healthy emotionally) man.
I believe , it is best to meet n spend time in getting to know each other to build up relationship n always be in honeymoon stage once started to define we like to blossom a relationship but before then, profile n correspondence may help as well to get to know the basic about each other but no emailing for long.
I like family activities that involve various fun from relaxing to high energy. Our similarities n differences can add to spice up our lives as long as we are open to learn with a smile on our faces.I enjoy short n long distance local or oversees traveling, cooking, comfortable above average lifestyle, culture diversity n history, fashion. Interior decorating, home building projects n into wine tasting and spontaneous fun activities.

I dont intend to be here long n make it a career.
My long term goal is is to get to know you first as a friend and within 3-6 months be able to sit down and evaluate if we shall continue to next stage of exclusivity leading to commitment./ marriage

I like to have fun with a positive n matured loving man. I believe love is good but love hurts too. Must be able to have good grasp of unconditional love. A healthy independent individual n know how to be interdependent.! We shall encourage each other's dreams n we are each other's best friend.


Puxando conversa (ex. o que você gostaria de fazer num primeiro encontro...)
Coffee, icecream ,wine or heart to heart talk, nice dinner n or visiting a point of interest , or just any fun activities both enjoy :)

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