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Hey, I'm Rachel, not Raychel ... I'm 20 years old and I'm the biggest stoner chick you'll ever meet! To be straight up, I'm not looking to just hook up and I'm not down for one night stands, if that's what you want, stop reading now...
My interests include, video games of course, all sorts preferably, Xbox, and games like, Battlefield, or Halo! I am an animal person and that is currently what I'm looking for as a career, I also love to clean, bake and cook. My friends and family are most important to me, and I enjoy movies and TV as well, I also love to paint, write, dance, and sing only in the shower, I for sure LOVE outdoor activities, of course who doesn't, and I enjoy going to the beach or river, way too much!
I'm a pretty down to earth kind of gal, and very chill, very talkative, and outgoing, and awkward silences kill me, also when I'm nervous I talk, a lot ... Beer is my preferred alcohol choice, and usually a yummy IPA will suffice. I also love to read and I truly hate math!
I'm currently looking for my own place, stuck at my parents, with no car, and the type of guy I am looking for is a nice, sweet, considerate, funny, friendly, charming, cuddly, sexual, when the times right, faithful, non-liar type, fun, adventurous, outdoorsy type, a real man, no pervs or creepers, please, and dont try to say you aren't, just means you are... Also if you have children, that's fine with me, as long as your actually single, I dont mind, I'm great with kids, I babysit all the tine, I'm like supernanny, my friends call me that, and I actually really enjoy kids, their cute little humans that are very intriguing! You also have to have a humorous kind of outlook on life, cause I'm always joking around with people, don't take things seriously or personally, like when a guy calls a girl, c-u-n-t or b-i-t-c-h, I think its just funny, and maybe will take it as a compliment... Also if I don't message you back, that means I'm obviously not interested so don't go and send me multiple messages, that's just annoying ... I also hate to be rushed or pushed when not needed or wanted, so dont bother trying, I'm also really into horoscopes so if I ask when your birthday is, its simylply, because I'm trying to get to know who you are a little bit, by figuring out what sign you are.

I'm also basically down for anything if I'm comfortable with the idea of it, and if your 420 friendly, I'd love to smoke with you, guys that smoke pot are really sexy in my book. :)

*** ALSO, would be AWESOME if you lived near me, closer than a few hours away, I ain't trying to be no bootycall, if you want that, then F - off, I ain't down like that, and I ain't gonna suck your cack at the first chance I get, I ain't a slut, and I for sure hate nasty mothereffers that try to get all nasty over my messages!


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First date would call for something that could impress me greatly, like a walk at the park, dinner, movie, night on the town, or even a nice sit down and cuddle sesh in your bed! ;)

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