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34 year old Mulher, 170cm, Cristã - outra
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June 2013

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What makes me Each day comes so fast, and of course just like everyone else I'm not promise to see tomorrow. I live in the moment, and I live for right now. I have strong faith in my self, people, and definitely never judge a book by its cover. One thing that I always tell people is keep striving and hold on cause the best is yet to come. When ever time permits in my schedule, traveling is something that I love doing, even if it is a mini weekend trip get away. "Read, Read, Read..doesn't matter how old you get, you can never stop learning or feeding your brain with more knowledge. The world is changing every day, and it's just as important to keep up with it. I grew up in a very diverse town in which I have friends from all different cultural backgrounds worldwide, and appreciate their music as well. From: "rock, rap, country, soul, reggae, soca, pop, folk..etc", you like it..I LOVE IT :) Their are so many different types of genre, I can't name them all, but I sure can name a few of my favorites :). All in all I go with life, and leave yesterday in the past!!!!!!!

P.S. Yes I am a single mother of 1 amazing little boy, who gives me new meaning each day to be a better me than I was the day before. A quote that has always stuck with me is "nothing changes, if nothing changes"...

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