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ChivalrousHunter: Christian Man Seeks Country Loving Girl
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June, 2105

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I am searching for a mature Christian woman who tries to live her faith 7 days a week. Although I take my faith very seriously I am a down to Earth guy and won’t smother you with bible verses on the first date. (Happened to me once; couldn’t get to know her). We can talk about our beliefs as we go. I am non charismatic and am seeking same.

I love spending weekends in a cabin in the woods, which I do regularly, gazing at the night sky by the campfire while the coyotes howl in the distance, and just being out in the middle of nowhere. Now I need a wife to enjoy those things with. If I could I would live in a rural area on my own plot of land and I'm hoping to find someone who has that same dream or is living it now. Not necessarily far from St. Louis, but at least out far enough to be away from all the concrete and hustle and bustle. I have been described by a good female friend of mine as being both a ladies man (in a good way) and a man's man and I agree with that. Although I am a very responsible guy I am also a kid at heart and like to "play" whenever possible. I am also chivalrous and feel that romantic chemistry is a must; for dating without it is really just a friendship. An intellectual woman captures my interest but I enjoy both deep and lighthearted conversation. Some of my favorite interests besides trips out to the wilderness are shooting my guns, apologetics, creation vs. evolution issue, and reading on a variety of topics. I'm a deep thinker and pretty much introverted but you can get to know me well in time. I've been told I have a big heart and am looking for the same in you. Chances are I can get you laughing with a funny comment that seems to come out of nowhere or an ongoing funny conversation. I prefer one on one to large groups and quality relationships over quantity. I also enjoy cooking although I seldom do it. Want to try some new recipes together?

I am not interested in dating someone living more than about a 2 hour drive from me, and would prefer someone on the MO side of the river or willing to move to the MO side.

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No one particular thing is best. Anywhere we can talk and get to know each other without too much distraction. Nature hikes, nice restaurants, antiquing and museums are all good ideas. A movie theater is not.

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