IloveyouIthink: Where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure!
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Hi, This is very foreign to me...But, it's been a long time and I am giving it a try to meet new people. I'm not all that comfortable raving about myself! lol. I consider myself to be fun, personable, articulate, intuitive and intelligent (YES..even though I am blonde!!)..I graduated college with a 3.92 G.P.A. in a curriculum that required 93%-100% to receive an A. OOPS, nevermind, that clearly violates my not raving about myself policy!) lol..I enjoy a variety of things. I love sports ( I call myself the girliest tomboy, ever!) Football is my very favorite.I love it. My favorite team is the 49ers, but, I also love my old school team from my hometown..The Pittsburgh Steelers!.But, I am also a big baseball fan, I love the Giants! I enjoy working with kids, they're the best! I For the last 6 years, I have been creating and providing craft projects for elementary school kids. I have also been working numerous years in the classroom improving reading and math skills of under performing students. I like anything outdoors...the beauty of nature.Being active and music. I enjoy cooking and baking. My pies are legendary!! lol...I like art ..all things creative! I volunteer in feeding the homeless. I also create and sell art projects to raise money for orphans. I am laid back and easy going I believe in doing the right thing..and helping anyone in need..People who know me say I have a heart of gold..I enjoy being a woman, and all that that entails.I embrace my feminine side..but can just be 'one of the guys' ( Don't worry, though..I won't be burping or scratching myself inappropriately.).lol. I am quick witted and I'm told I am very funny! (it's I enjoy having fun and laughing..But, I do have a serious, caring, giving,intuitive, nurturing side. I love learning..and teaching! I enjoy dressing up,but am equally comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt! I am comfortable going to a 4 Star restaurant, but , always enjoy dinner at home and curling up on the couch and watching a movie... Anything else? Just ask.... P.S...The Vegas photos may be a little misleading..(they were just the most recent..last month). I am not really a 'party girl'. I do, however, like to have fun. and can do that doing just about anything or nothing...And, my profile status says I am here for 'dating, but nothing serious' I would,however, be open to a relationship, if that's what's just that I want to begin by dating, and see where it leads. Ultimately, I'd like to find that all-encompassing body,mind, heart and soul connection..But, I realize that is very difficult.Therefore, I am open to develop any type of relationship..I value all of the varied relationships I have with people. P.S. I don't really speak Urdu, incase you were hoping to converse in it!! lol

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Up for negotiation!! I can have fun doing anything or nothing!!

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